Nidera reaches first place

Nidera reaches first place

Transparency is an important issue for Nidera. One of the methods we use to obtain transparency is our annual CSR report and CSR is an integral part of our corporate culture which we use to align our overall activities with the principles of sustainable development. Therefore we are pleased to announce that Nidera has reached the first place in the sector “Trading companies” in the Dutch Transparency Benchmark this year. 

We are happy to share that Nidera has reached the first place in the sector “Trading companies” in the Dutch Transparency Benchmark. We have scored 125 points (out of 200), which brings us up to the 108th place out of 483 contestants. We also scored significantly higher than some of our competitors. The jury named several good qualities of Nidera’s reporting, for example the clarity and cohesion of information, descriptions of the process and qualitative information provided by Nidera. All in all, a great result.

Transparency Benchmark
The Transparency benchmark is an annual research held by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on the content and quality of sustainability and CSR reports of the 500 biggest companies in the Netherlands. Only publicly available information, which is systematically distributed and published by the companies, is taken into account.

Of course, there is always room for improvements. This is why we will continue to strive to improve our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, activities and results. 

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