Our policies

We invite you to download our formalized policies and procedures.

They are part of the commitments made by Nidera to its stakeholders and gather the good practices that historically characterize Nidera. These formalized policies and procedures are an integral part of our company-wide CSR approach and developed in pursuit of sustainable development.

  1. Social Responsibility Policy 
  2. The Nidera Code of Conduct 
  3. Concerns@Work Procedure
  4. Stakeholder Concerns Procedure
  5. Human Rights Policy 
  6. Human Rights Due Diligence Procedure for rural temporary workers involved in detasseling activities 
  7. Corporate (workplace) Health and Safety Policy 
  8. Nidera Standards for Business Partners 
  9. Sustainable Sourcing Policy
  10. Corporate Environmental Policy 

Please note
All of the policies are also available in the following languages: Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, French, Romanian, Russian and Chinese. Should you be interested in receiving any of these translations, please send an email to csr@nidera.nl. Our policies may be updated from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt it is therefore explicitly mentioned that the English version published on this website is always leading.

Stakeholder Concerns Procedure
Nidera's Stakeholder Concerns Procedure enables (external) stakeholders to share their concern in case they think our principles of our Code of Conduct are at stake. This reporting channel ensures concerns are properly dealt with, are treated confidentially and are followed up properly.

Use the following link: concerns.nidera.com