Our history

In 1920 a number of European grain merchants joined forces and founded a new company in Rotterdam.

They predicted correctly that the city would build a port that would become the major gateway for European export and import trade. They chose the name Nidera which represented the initials of the six agricultural trade regions in which they focused their activities: Netherlands, India, Deutschland (Germany), England, Russia and Argentina. Nidera began to expand into other countries soon thereafter.

Over the years the company has built up a global network based on trading independence, performance reliability and relationship loyalty, and has always been known as a pioneer in the development of new trade flows. 

From the late 1960’s Nidera acquired a strong position in the vegetable oils trade industry. From the 1990’s, the company’s trading portfolio in grains and oilseeds grew in the EU, the Black Sea area and Asia. From the 1990’s the company has established itself as a leader in the fast-growing Argentine agricultural technology sector.


Nidera through the years.

11th March 1920

  • Dutch merchants establish Nidera Handelscompagnie B.V. in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


  • Dutch immigrants establish Nidera S.A. in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • Nidera establishes a subsidiary In Uruguay

1939 - 1945

  • The world is ravaged by War. The seas and their international trade routes are shut, patrolled by warships.


  • Nidera re-opens its trading office in Rotterdam.
  • Nidera expands its activity in Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Nidera starts trading with Brazil as the country enters international trade of cotton and castorseeds oils.


  • Nidera acquires leading position in the global vegetable oil trade industry.
  • Nidera expands its trading network to North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Nidera established a fully owned subsidiary in Brazil.


  • Nidera's first country elevator in Argentina's Buenos Aires province.
  • Construction of port terminal and crushing plant for grains and oils in Puerto San Martin, Santa Fe province in Argentina.


  • Acquisition of Asgrow Seed Argentina, leader in R&D for soybean seed.
  • Acquisition of castor seed crushing plant in Bahia, Brazil.
  • Acquisition and construction of three classification plants for agronomic seeds in Argentina.


  • Nidera substantially expands its grains origination and distribution activities in various countries (USA, France, Spain)
  • Nidera's global trading activity grows steadily from the Black Sea, to the South American and Asian regions.
  • Nidera establishes own subsidiaries in Singapore, India and China.
  • Acquisition and enlargement of vegetable oils refinery and bottling plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Construction of the new oilseeds crushing plant in Saforcada, Argentina.
  • Construction of fertilizer port terminal in Quequen, Argentina.


  • Nidera acquires rice origination and distribution business.
  • Nidera establishes own subsidiaries in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Australia and Brazil.
  • Nidera enters the nascent bio-diesel market.
  • Nidera acquires Ingredients distribution business.
  • Copatia seeds in established in Paraguay.
  • Acquisition of corn and soybean seeds operations in Brazil, investments in R&D.
  • Expansion in crushing capacity and construction of unloading facility in Puerto San Martin, Argentina

The future

  • Nidera continues to invest to expand its activities in Asia, Europe and South America.