About Nidera

Nidera is a global commodity service and solutions provider for agricultural markets.

Our company was founded in 1920 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and our company name represents the initials of the six agricultural trade regions in which they focused their activities: Netherlands, (East) Indies, Deutschland (Germany), England, Russia and Argentina.

Currently we have domestic and international operations in 19 major export and import countries and we distribute our products to more than 60 countries worldwide. By consolidating our presence throughout the physical value chain, we have created a platform that efficiently connects agricultural producers and food consumers.

Strategically located production, processing and logistical assets support Nidera’s significant global sourcing and efficient distribution capabilities. An established presence in the major export and import regions enables us to benefit from an intimate knowledge of local market drivers including farm economics, weather patterns, and government policies, and thus helps to optimize our operations and improve operating margin.

Our values

Our values guide the company's operations and business worldwide in a responsible manner. These Values help us to fulfill our purpose and to achieve our vision. They reflect who we are, what we do and what we expect from ourselves and others.


We strictly observe the law.
We walk the talk and honor our word.


We don’t give up. We are dedicated to learning new ways to fulfill our strategy.


We care for and hold in deep regard the safety and well-being of all our stakeholders.


We hold ourselves to strict standards. We take action and are results-oriented.

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Our vision

Our vision is to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value through our role as a leading multi commodity originator and distributor in the global agriculture markets.

We strive to be a reliable, innovative and dynamic business partner that provides the highest quality business solutions and forges strong and long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders at large, fostering partnerships and open dialogue.

CSR approach

At Nidera, social and environmental responsibility is part of everything we do.

We are convinced that Nidera’s success depends on a strong economic, social and environmental performance, with this triple value creation being key to long term profitability.

Being an international producer, exporter and marketer of agricultural commodities and services, we operate globally and in the whole agro-industrial value chain. As a global company, we have a great number of diverse stakeholders. We believe that this diversity should be rooted in our approach to CSR and our commitment to sustainability. 

Accordingly, we developed the Nidera Values framework, which represents our CSR approach and includes our Social Responsibility Policy. This framework is built upon five pillars that group our stakeholders and our commitments to them. It is named Nidera Values since it is based upon our long-standing values which we embrace in our daily work. They reflect who we are, what we do, what we expect of ourselves and each other.