The objective of Nidera S.P.A. is to be market leader in the distribution of grains, oilseeds and proteins in the Mediterranean countries and operate across the value chain from origin into the end users market in this area.

We are the link between farmers in the producing countries, transformation industry and consumers market.

The company operates in full synergy with the Nidera's trading and distribution system in order to serve 15 countries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea area, fully sharing the business philosophy of the Group. Nidera S.P.A. is active in the delivered markets in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia selling truck by truck into the consumption markets, while the other countries of the Mediterranean are served only on CIF basis. 

Our customer base is made up of milling, oilseed crushing and compound feed industries and regional food manufacturer. 

The mix of a very experienced team, operating since 1984 in those markets, and the consolidated strong reputation of the Group makes of Nidera S.P.A. one of the preferred counterparts for the local consumers. It creates the premises to be one of the leaders of the market in the Mediterranean basin.

Nidera Italy

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