Nidera Sementes Ltda was established in Brazil in 2005, the same year as it acquired Bayer Crop Sciences corn and soybean seed Brazilian operation.

This unit has since evolved into a significant seed company, alongside the firm’s core origination and export (import) activity, and its newer nutrients and crop protection division.

Nidera has a strong position in key southern states (Rio Grande do Sul and Parana) that account for the larger part of the country’s agricultural production. It is also expanding in other regions in Mato Grosso and the northern states, and begun a building program to operate its own country elevators in addition to those leased from third parties, and port elevation agreements. 

The seeds business is on its way to become a key brand name player, to a great extent supported by the well identified quality of its diverse hybrids and varieties. The nutrients and crop protection business is an important part of the company’s integrated business model as it seeks widespread expansion throughout new agricultural areas.

Nidera Brazil

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Nidera Brazil
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